February 20th 2009

Release 0.1.3 is now available and includes some new enhancements.
Memo Component
The memo component is similar to the Textbox in that it can be used to display text or accept text input from the user, the main difference from a Textbox is that a Memo has implied horizontal text wrapping, and vertical scrolling, while the text box only displays one line, and has implied horizontal scrolling. Unlike the Textbox the Memo does not support the Password Char property. The two components do share the Text, Locked, SelectStart and SelectEnd Properties. Basically the Memo is suitable for providing the user with basic multi-line text editing and display, where as the Textbox is suitable for single line text input and display.
Clipboard Support
To make the users life a little easier clipboard support has been added, however to avoid making the library dependant on windows, it uses its own internal clipboard object. If used as is, the clipboard will function on an XBox 360, but only as an internal clipboard to the game. On windows, Two event handlers can be set that will connect the library to the windows clipboard allowing it to exchange text data with other windows applications.
Horizontal and Vertical Scrollbars
Horizontal and vertical Scrollbars have been added a stand alone components. These function in a very similar manner to Windows Forms Scrollbars with Maximum, Minimum and Value Properties.
Mouse Wheel Support
With the addition of Scrollbars and Scrollable Text it became useful to be able to detect the mouse wheel scrolling, so a new event was added to the mouse and components for when the user moves the scroll wheel on their mouse.
Keyboard Repeat
When editing text its nice to be able to hold down a key and have it be entered repeatedly, so the keyboard object now supports this. It can be customized by adjusting some properties on the keyboard object. If the Repeat Delay is set to a high enough value, say int.MaxValue, the feature can effectively be disabled. Additionally keyboard events are now EventArgs style, which includes an argument indicating if the Key event was caused by a repeat allowing the application to selectively react to a key being held down.

As always there are also minor bug fixes and enhancements, but no need to talk about those here, Have a look at the source code repository messages if you are really interested in those details.

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